The Matthew Lodge

A Masonic Lodge in the Province of Bristol

Embracing Masonry, Family and Friends


The Matthew Lodge is unique not just in the  Province of Bristol

but throughout the whole world of Masonry.

What makes us so unique?

The clues are contained within our statement ‘ Embracing Masonry, Family and Friends’.

First, we meet on a Saturday during the day and not in the evening. This was a deliberate decision designed to accommodate our second and most unique feature – non Masons dine with us at all of our After Meetings. This means that wives, partners and family are able to join us and celebrate our Masonic occasion. Recently we had four generations of one family present. Everyone is made to feel most welcome.

The third feature is the style of our After Meeting . The atmosphere in the dining room and the quality of dining is more akin to a luxury wedding reception. Five courses is quite usual and such is our reputation that our After Meetings have become known as The Mathew Fine Dining Experience.

We meet four times a year and are a fully operating Lodge (operating means that we “make masons”). While we have fine dining we are definitely NOT a dining only Lodge.

Meeting only four times limits us to a maximum of just two new candidates a year so if you are a non mason and The Matthew Lodge is of interest to you the sooner your name is on our membership application list the better.   Existing Masons can of course become joining members throughout the year indeed the majority of Matthew members are members of other Lodges both inside and outside of The Province of Bristol.

Charity plays an important part in Masonry and while The Matthew Lodge meet half as often as the majority of Lodges we are renowned for the amount that we raise for our charities.

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