Come Dine with Us! The Matthew Lodge Dining Experience

The Matthew Lodge Fine Dining Experience  is hosted four times throughout the year and to which all are invited; Masons, non-Masons, family members and guests from other Lodges throughout the Province and further afield.   Our reputation is based on the excellent gourmet dining experience offered and is keeping waistbands stretched throughout the Province!

Matthew’s fine dining has become somewhat of a talking point in recent years.  In no small part down the hard work and thought put into the menu choices by Nigel and Annette Hicks who spend a lot of time perfecting each menu so that every one of the dining experiences held throughout the calendar year are all different. The emphasis of each menu being on high quality and delicious gourmet combinations that have guests coming back time and again.

We cannot talk about the food without mentioning resident chef, Freddie, his hard-working kitchen team and waiting staff that make the whole day run efficiently and seamlessly.  Freddie works closely with Nigel and Annette to being their gourmet dreams to reality and never disappoints.

So what can you expect from a day dining with Matthew Lodge?    Wear your stretchy trousers, sit back and read on for a sample of the kind of menu you can expect.    Beware though diners, this is not an advert for any slimming organisation and you need to be prepared for a feeling of having been super indulged and with many days of calorie recovery needed once the day is over.   But boy its worth it.  And heck, its only four times a year!

Our June 2017 Menu.  Looks good, tasted even better!

2017-06-03 13.42.29


Asian Style Meat Ball.  A delicately spiced meatball which was just enough to get the juices flowing ready for the next course…..

2017-06-03 13.46.50


Asparagus with Poached Egg:  Beautifully poached egg with a perfect drizzle of hollandaise sauce on a layer of asparagus cooked to flawless al-dente tenderness.

2017-06-03 14.03.12


Sorbet:   The ideal palette cleanser.   Gives a slight ice headache so be warned!  Ready for the next course!

2017-06-03 14.16.47

Main Course

Roasted Cod Loin:   Now this is something special.  Roasted cod loin in a crispy crumb, served with tomatoes and a side dish of carrots, new potatoes and seasonal broad beans (Freddie always works with seasonal produce so vegetables vary depending on the season)

2017-06-03 14.35.28


Strawberry trio (because one is just not enough on a Matthew fine Dining Day!)   There is room, just, for the perfect dessert to finish of the dining day.  Just the right amount of tart sweetness to the home made ice cream which sits very well next the crispy caramelness of the crème brulee and strawberry merangue that is both crispy and gooey in the middle – perfection.

2017-06-03 15.06.17

Once dining has completed, there is of course the Bar, where Tony and his staff will await your presence once you have managed to ease yourself out of the dining room and downstairs.  If there is still room, there is a range of ales, gin, vodka and wine to finish you off nicely before getting a taxi home.

Enjoy your time with Matthew Lodge and we look forward to welcoming you to our next Happy Day.



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